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Since the beginning of May, when the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies fell to $1.785 trillion from a four-month high of $2.273 trillion on April 5, the price of cryptocurrencies has been in a bear market. And in comparison to this already low level, the market has proceeded to decline, falling another 23% by May 12 and staying largely unchanged ever since.

However, crypto analysts believe that these three projects can survive the crypto market meltdown due to their unique services and stable growth throughout the past several months.

Gnox stands out in the DeFi market due to its Yield Farming As A Service. Regular investors can now benefit from passive income and the full potential of DeFi investments without having to do any process management themselves. This is crucial in bridging the chasm between the frequently perplexing crypto area and the conventional investment world. 

Since interest rates are still low, everyone wants to get a higher return on their investments. However, not everyone knows how DeFi investment tactics like staking and liquidity pooling operate. With Gnox, investors do not need to do all the grunt work.

Additionally, Gnox has previously had a remarkable bear market performance. While merely in pre-sale, prices have increased by 60%. With its long-term durability, the Gnox platform is an excellent hold throughout the weak market.

Litecoin has become a staple for many crypto portfolios due to its growing popularity.

The ability to move money quickly and cheaply is one of the main purposes of cryptocurrencies. In this sense, the utility for the end-user is increased the faster a given crypto network can process transactions (and the lower the fees associated with these transactions).

This cryptocurrency network gets top marks for Litecoin.

Litecoin coins still represent a nearly double-up for investors who have stayed constant since the year’s beginning, despite practically halving from their peak in May. In light of this, Litecoin may be a good option for cryptocurrency investors searching for large, stable coins.

Dogecoin, an alternative cryptocurrency and meme coin, has a market valuation of more than $18 million. It was inspired by the well-known “doge” meme, and it made its token seem like a meme. 

Elon Musk, who made multiple tweets about the token when it was originally released, helped the project as well. Since the public learned that Elon Musk had purchased Twitter, Dogecoin’s value has increased by more than 25%. All investors who have the token in their wallets can anticipate a prosperous future as its value is predicted to rise further.

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