This is why American celebrities are bullish on Ethereum NFTs

  • Bella Hadid recently announced the launch of her NFT collection, CY-B3LLA, unique works in her own image. 
  • Bill Murray, legendary American comedian, has announced the launch of his Ethereum NFTs in July 2022.
  • Cybersecurity companies continue to fight impersonators selling NFTs masquerading as popular celebrities like Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian. 

Ethereum NFTs are the latest trend among celebrities and actors like Bill Murray. After Madonna and Bella Hadid, the popular actor has jumped on the metaverse trend and is dropping an Ethereum NFT collection in July 2022. 

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Actor Bill Murray announces Ethereum NFT project launch in July 2022

Bill Murray, an actor with a five-decade long entertainment career, has decided to drop an Ethereum NFT collection that covers his life stories. The release is slated to occur in July 2022. 

Murray’s NFT collection includes digital artwork and collectibles that cover the stories of his life and career, access to events and a community on Discord. Some of the stories covered through digital collectibles include his stint at Saturday Night Live, seasons 2-5, his appearance in the movie Ghostbusters and Caddyshack

Murray is known for his perfect comedic timing and the 71-year old comedian’s life stories will be available for fans to purchase, as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. On July 15, the collection of 1,000 pieces of digital collectibles and art will be up for sale. The collection is titled, 

Bill Murray 1,000,” an Ethereum project powered by comedy and entertainment website “The Chive” and blockchain startup “Project Venkman”. 

A hundred stories have been chosen from Bill Murray’s life, and offered as 1,000 NFTs for fans to purchase. Each NFT is based on a single original painting of the actor by artist David Grizzle. The Ethereum NFTs have unique backgrounds and flourishes, setting them apart from one another and the story is communicated through text and imagery. 

NFTs from Bill Murray 1,000 collection on Ethereum

Ethereum NFTs as a way to verify urban legends about celebrities

Bill Murray’s son Jackson told Decrypt that the idea of creating NFTs didn’t initially stick with his dad, however, the potential of immutable items piqued his interest. Ethereum NFTs from the Bill Murray 1,000 collection can be used to verify urban legend-like tales, and confirm whether they occurred. 

Each buyer of the Ethereum NFTs will receive an engraved silver coin that lists the edition number. This coin would serve as an access pass to The Chive’s annual Gold, Silver and Black dinner in Austin, Texas. NFT buyers can sell NFTs via secondary markets, however coins can be retained by original buyers. There are separate and ongoing benefits of holding the Ethereum digital assets and the coins. 

Buyers can sell the NFTs via secondary markets but keep the coin, if they please, as the token and coin provide separate ongoing benefits.

Bill Murray 1,000 NFTs on Ethereum will go live on Coinbase NFT

The Ethereum NFT collection will launch on Coinbase NFT on July 15, 2022. Each NFT will sell for 1.5 ETH, which is about $1,620 at present. The first 100 NFTs will roll out on July 15 and then the rest will be released in tranches. The collections creators believe the Murray project and the 1,000 NFTs are all about entertainment and community. 

Bella Hadid enters metaverse with CY-B3LLA NFTs

Bella Hadid, a leading American model and celebrity, recently announced the launch of her NFT platform CY-B3LLA. Hadid collaborated with reBASE, a social metaverse site, and launched a massive collection of 11,111 NFTs of online art pieces, all based on her image. 

Hadid’s NFT collection consists of souvenirs and collectibles. Buyers receive a digital record, a certificate of authenticity and a serial number to prove ownership. Hadid addressed the general mistrust around celebrity NFT collections and digital collectibles that are endorsed by influencers. 

Hadid was quoted as saying, 

Where that skepticism comes from is the people who just want to have a money grab. To me, it’s so much bigger than that. I want it to be a collective. It’s not a one-stop shop—this is a real passion. I want to be used as a vessel for communication and respect and love. 

Crypto and Ethereum NFT scams on the rise

Scammers in the crypto ecosystem are now leveraging celebrity influence to target investors. BrandShield, a cybersecurity company specializing in detecting and removing online threats, observed that actor Matt Damon, celebrity and influencer Kim Kardashian, celebrity Paris Hilton and American football quarterback Tom Brady are among the most impersonated personalities across social media. 

Projects have falsely advertised their NFT collections, posing as impersonators and affiliating their Ethereum NFT collections with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady. 

Yoav Keren, BrandShield CEO told Yahoo Finance,

It’s a wild west, this is a problem of the crypto industry and the online community at large.

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