5 Less-Known DeFi and NFT Projects Promoting User Protection and Funds Security

Poodl Token merges 3D NFTs and augmented reality technology, merging into gaming and ecommerce utilities. InfinityLotto is fully KYCd through SEEK Token, backed by corporate veriff.com and are tasked with outing bad actors in the space. Crolon Mars intends to rely on advertising revenue from its Play-to-Earn (P2E) games to fund its operations. Cure Chain is a blockchain-based healthcare platform that enables patients and doctors to share medical data securely.

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There are many concerns when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest concerns is security. With all the hacks that have happened, it’s normal that people are worried about cybercrimes.

Theft, fraud, and other crimes are unfortunately common occurrences in the cryptocurrency world. In order to protect themselves and their investment, users must be aware of the risks and take precautions.

Many cryptocurrency projects are working on ways to increase investors’ protection. Here are a few of them who coalesce around an ecosystem managed by Seek Token who specialize in hunting crypto scammers and appear on “National Geographic’s “trafficked” show shortly, exposing scammers live on air.

#1 Poodl Token

Poodltoken is a BEP-20 cryptocurrency with a deflationary strategy to appeal to investors. The initiative merges 3D NFTs and augmented reality (AR) technology, merging into gaming and e-commerce utilities. Regarding security, the team explains that the project has three main pillars: verified channels, security audit, and locked liquidity.

The project has a “verified” badge on CoinMarketCap, Twitter, OpenSea, and Telegram. The team is applying to receive this status on all the social platforms it employs. Moreover, Solidity Finance completed a smart contract audit on Poodltoken, granting the project a security certification.

KYC (Know Your Customer). POODL Token is fully KYCd through SEEK Token, backed by corporate veriff.com, and is tasked with outing bad actors in the space.

Furthermore, the team locked the POODL/wBNB pool on Unicrypt for five years. This operation generally serves as a way to prove the dedication of the developers to the crypto project they launched.

#2 Infinity Lotto2

It is the goal of InfinityLotto to introduce a cryptocurrency project that is lucrative, secure, and tightly knit. For investors, the team hopes to provide additional revenue via awards and a possible InfinityLotto jackpot. 

The creators clarified that all investors would be able to participate in the drawing regardless of their financial situation. Using the BNB Chain as its backbone, the initiative rewards its community in BUSD and staking options. Again SEEK KYCd.

Its founders believe security and protection are among InfinityLotto’s top priorities. The project uses all available technology to encrypt all personal information. This operation wants to guarantee that users’ data is secure while moving into the crypto industry. 

#3 Crolon Mars

There will be no gas fees to transfer coins using Crolon Mars, another cryptocurrency project with a security audit by Seek. To recoup its costs, the proposal imposes a charge on all transactions. Crolon Mars also intends to rely on advertising revenue from its Play-to-Earn (P2E) games to fund its operations. 

CLMRS, the project’s native token on the CRONOS chain, backed by crypto.com, is available to buy and invest in their soon-to-appear Metaverse, which will be a gateway into other metaverse platforms (the Multiverse)

In order to tempt new gamers and investors, the team introduced 3d NFTs to the project which will feature as avatars in the metaverse. Intending to leverage the industry expansion, the initiative set up a virtual NFT marketplace within its network. SEEK Token also performed a full KYC service for CRLMS. This service is quickly becoming known as the “gold standard” of KYCs due to its stringency.

#4 Cure Chain

CureChain is a blockchain-based healthcare platform that enables patients and doctors to share medical data securely. The platform includes several features that make it easy for users to manage their health information.

Among these functionalities, one can mention a medical data marketplace, a personal health record (PHR) system, and a secure messaging service. 

CureChain aims to help patients take control of their health data and make better-informed decisions about their care.

The CureChain platform’s idea came from a team of experienced healthcare professionals and technologists. The team wants to provide patients with a simple way to access their medical data. This opportunity, in the original idea of the founders, may help anyone make better decisions about their health. 

CureChain is a rapidly developing start-up that investors have been observing for a while.

#5 Lakeview Meta

Rather than competing with other projects, Lakeview Meta wishes to contribute to the expansion of the overall investor confidence. The team sees this scenario as a win-win situation for everyone involved in this market. LVM has been ultra-focused on partnerships before launching its own token, solidifying and cementing lasting partnerships with many legitimate projects, such as the ones mentioned here.

The project has shared intuitive instructions to move around its metaverse. Anyone can walk, run, or drive in this digital dimension. The project even lets anyone teleport around and join treasure hunts.

Like many metaverse-based projects, Lakeview Meta launched a token on the market with several digital properties. The real estate market may have a new chance to grow in the metaverse. These projects wish to be ready to profit from this trend.

More Information About Seek 

As mentioned above, Seek audited all the projects above to certify their security. These initiatives are all part of Seek’s ecosystem of trusted projects.

The Seek team members describe themselves as an organization dedicated to erasing corruption and deception in the cryptocurrency industry.

Team members feel crypto has been on a downward spiral for some time now, at least in terms of security. Investors have enjoyed the increased success of this business, while fraudsters have found new ways to get money.

Seek will appear on “Trafficked” during the Summer on Nat Geo TV. The project aims to hunt crypto scammers and improve the security of this business.

Final Thoughts

Many of the projects in this article have recently attended the “Crypto Legends AMA” event. Many crypto initiatives are joining forces to send positive messages to their communities and investors.

Many people are not aware of the dangers of scammers when it comes to crypto. There are many ways that scammers can take advantage of people, and it is essential to be aware of them. 

Independent audits and team cooperation are two aspects that can increase the security of investing in cryptocurrencies. With increasing regulation coming to this market, traders hope the chances of falling for a scam will gradually decrease.

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