Gnox (GNOX) Presale Phenomenal Performance Is Getting Noticed By Shiba Inu (SHIB) And THORChain (RUNE) Investors

It’s an unforgiving crypto market even for the best. When there’s blood on the streets and terror across the lanes, it’s time to see where the whales are moving. The market is flooded with an insane number of cryptocurrencies, but very few match the phenomenal performance of an upcoming DeFi protocol, Gnox.

Some of the earliest investors in Shiba Inu and Thorchain are shifting their attention towards this innovative concept that has taken the crypto world by storm.

Gnox was born to transform the future of investing in the DeFi space by providing “Yield farming as a service” to investors. It completely eliminates the amount of research involved in choosing safe liquidity pools and lending protocols. Experts at Gnox do that for you, while you make passive gains with minimum efforts.

The central belief that underpins Gnox protocol is the DeFi allocation of treasury for maximizing returns. 40% of the rewards are distributed to GNOX token holders, in addition to a 1% share of the tax applied on each transaction. The longer a user holds the tokens, the higher their rewards will be.

The exceptional presale performance can be attributed to this new standard of tokenomics, which safeguards the inherent value from uncertain market conditions. There will always be buying pressure on the token to keep the prices moving in the right direction. A massive token burn event is another catalyst that has contributed to a huge spike.

A team of developers behind this project has prepared a future roadmap that outlines the introduction of NFT staking, pool aggregator, multichain expansion, and decentralized exchange. As the treasury grows in strength, it will accelerate development and marketing to ensure a new influx of investors pushing value to the upside.

Gnox is currently in its third presale phase, and the contract launch is expected in mid-August. Once it is deployed, there will be no manual intervention or central control of the protocol. The community-focused ecosystem will function according to a consensus by GNOX token holders. Users will also have visibility regarding the treasury balance and the corresponding allocation to different pools. Every step is taken to ensure transparency in the process, and it’s the primary reason behind a strong community.

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