Why Gnox (GNOX) Could Be A More Profitable Purchase Than Binance Coin (BNB) Or Eos (EOS)

The crypto market is bleeding to death, and it feels like a sin to be even talking about profits. We are at the peak of negative segments, as investors remain on the sidelines. This is when smart money enters the arena to turn the tables.

Speaking of which, an upcoming DeFi protocol, Gnox has got the attention of crypto enthusiasts ahead of its launch. Experts believe it has a massive room to grow compared to Binance Coin (BNB) or EOS.

What makes Gnox a high-potential blue chip?

DeFi came into existence to eliminate intermediaries involved in financial transactions. Gnox was developed to make DeFi simple and frictionless for investors of all levels. It is the first protocol with a treasury that works for the community.

Passive income opportunities in the crypto space continue to surge, as we witness a growing interest in yield farming practices. However, exposure to high risk is suicidal for entry-level investors who are just here to make money. Gnox is a relatively risk-averse platform where anyone can access the rewards of liquidity pools and lending protocols without any additional steps. Users can simply buy and hold GNOX tokens to earn passively.

The development, marketing, and liquidity is funded by treasury, which in turn, is accumulated by taxation. 1% from the tax goes back to token holders every 60 minutes. Funds are also deployed to various DeFi protocols for maximizing returns. 40% of that is converted to stable coins and rewarded to token holders. This is proportional to the amount of tokens held in a wallet.

Beyond passive gains, Gnox will also become a unified platform for a broad spectrum of DeFi activities. There are future plans to introduce a decentralized exchange and NFT staking, along with an aggregator tool. Once the contract is launched, it will have no human intervention with the aim to make the protocol 100% decentralized.

Decisions regarding deployment strategy will be taken by the community based on governance proposal. Everyone will their say based on number of tokens they hold. There will be complete transparency to details like current treasury balance and fund allocation. The returns may vary, but they are guarantees with the Gnox protocol.

Join presale: https://presale.gnox.io/register

Website: https://Gnox.io