Spanish Token “Pesetas” (PTAS) arrives after Ethereum 2.0 Merge



From 19th September to 3rd October 2022, the Spanish crypto token “Pesetas” (PTAS) will be presented officially in, Ethereum Blockchain.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, U.S., September 14, 2022 / — The Ethereum meltdown is imminent, what will happen before and after with the price?
Experts expect a rally to $2,000.

The network’s developers have been running dress rehearsals of the merge almost weekly for the past few months, trying to reproduce any scenarios that might derail or delay their execution. With tens of billions of dollars’ worth of digital assets, applications, and decentralized financial instruments built on top of the Ethereum network, there is virtually no room for error.

Ethereum 2.0 will consume “99.95%” less electricity when using PoS thanks to Merge.

Final date for the arrival of the merger (“The Merge”) of Ethereum, at the moment a time span between September 15 and 20 is handled.

In the meantime from 19th September to 3rd October 2022, the Spanish crypto token “Pesetas” (PTAS) will be presented officially in,

The PTAS presale and airdrop page is actually in a countdown mode and it will be start working only from day 19th September.

The PTAS buyer will receive also an extra 10% airdrop of PTA token.

This is the direct link of PTAS presale page:

History of the Peseta Spanish Token:

The Peseta (PTA & PTAS) was the legal tender in Spain from October 18th, 1868 to January 1st, 1999, the year the euro was introduced. However, the peseta continued to circulate in Spanish territory until December 31st, 2001, coexisting for some time, therefore, with the Euro.

Goodbye to the Peseta and welcome entry to Euro in Spain:

On December 31st, 1998, the peseta stopped trading and was replaced by the Euro. However, the real change did not arrive until February 28, 2002, since, until that date, Pesetas and Euros coexisted in Spain. In addition, the change from Pesetas to Euros could be made at any bank branch until June 30th, 2002, although from that date and until December 31st, 2020, the exchange from Pesetas to Euros was only possible at held in the Bank of Spain.

On December 17th, 2021 the Spanish foundation “La Peseta” ( launched in CoinMarketCap its first cryptocurrency: La Peseta (PTA), a token created on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, which reached 120,000% of its value in just 3 days of Trading. (That means: whoever put in 10 usd, withdrew 12,000 usd at its peak.)

The Pesetas tokens, PTA and PTAS, are traded with zero fees. It means they could be used again in Spain as a payment and as a capital reserve.

Do not miss the opportunity to invest some money in PTAS and PTA crypto tokens. Presale and Airdrop will be alive in from 19th September to 3rd October 2022 (but remember: never invest more than you can lose).

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